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Livar Bergheim, Advisor Opendata and Information Management at DIFI Agency for Public Management and eGovernment.



He will keynote on “Opendata, free machine-readable information from the public sector - what and why? and will share some examples of useful open data resources and APIs geared for Big Data Analytics.


Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone, mostly to the requirement to... attribute and share alike. Public sector data is funded by society and governed on behalf of society. Useful for everyone, both private and public sector. Open data is one way to make public sector information available for re-use, usually free.


Why open public sector data? Livar will touch on transparency and data democratization with new and improved private products and services from the public sector. He will try to answer questions like:

Where do I begin?

What datasets do I need?

What can I make with this?

Where to find data National open public sector data as well as European open data portals?

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