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Anne-Sophie Roesssler, Deployment Strategist at Data Iku in Paris


Raised between Austria, France and London, Anne-Sophie has a European background. Today, as a deployment strategist at Dataiku, she's in charge of helping companies across Europe to address, implement and deploy data driven projects. In this context, she has often worked with data labs, witnessing the many challenges faced by companies in the early stage of such a project.

Her keynote "From aggregation to orchestration: how to become a large-scale data innovator" will focus on these difficulties and the possibility to avoid at least some of them. 

The times when data science teams could focus only on building and optimizing models is long past. Across sectors, data science has become a critical component of corporate strategy, and an increasing number of business decisions are being informed (and, in some cases, automatically taken) by its fruits. The major challenge is thus no longer simply building the right models but rather on companies' ability to scale: scale their infrastructure, scale their data prototypes, scale the number of prototypes deployed to production, and, above all else, to scale the their people, both in terms of numbers and in terms of capabilities.

In this keynote, we will go through several use cases to better understand how companies can orchestrate their data work among their people, processes, and tools to build a sustainable data culture and practice for the future. Data Science Studio by Dataiku, DSS, is a software platform that aggregates all the steps and big data tools necessary to get from raw data to production-ready predictive applications.

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Shreyas Pathak
Learning about data and great ways to be a deployment strategist
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