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Thomas Hjelde Thoresen, Data Science / Machine Learning Consultant at Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS & Fundator

The ultimate ROI - Saving lives with Big Data

The ultimate ROI - Saving lives with Big Data More than 70 vessels run aground in Norwegian waters each year. The Norwegian Coastal Administration collects AIS-messages from almost all vessels sailing in Norwegian Waters. This translates to a huge amount of data, waiting to be exploited. Fundator set out to create the ultimate ROI. We wanted to use this Big Data to save lives? The results are extremely promising, and a pilot is soon to be launched at a Vessel Traffic Service-Centre. 

Thomas is a Data Science / Machine Learning specialist at Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS avd. Fundator in Trondheim. He is edicated to extracting valuable insights from Big Data, and communicating these insights effectively to decision makers and stakeholders. Engaged in competitive machine learning, achieving top 1% results in Kaggle Competitions and 3rd place in TEXATA Big Data World Championships, in Texas, Nov 2017.



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