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Sindre Fjermestad, Datascience & Machine Learning Specialist at Norconsult Informasjonssystemer

Working in GDPR's more dangerous waters; a student loan and profiling story.

With GDPR right around the corner, your corporation being a Norwegian state department and your customer base comprised of higher education students with a right to what you offer, how to proceed when your machine learning project can save the state budget millions but is entirely based on personal information and user profiling? Sindre Fjermestad, as a consultant on the project for the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, will take us through the project with both the machine learning and GDPR-project perspective.

Sindre is a Data Science / Machine Learning specialist consultant at Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS dept. Fundator in Trondheim. With an MSc. in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and NeuroEvolution, he works actively within the field both at work and on his own time; building up Trondheim's community for Machine learning professionals and academics. 

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