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Nils Roald, Sales Lead Advanced Threat - Northern Europe at Cisco

Why size matters in cybersecurity

Why size matters in cybersecurity. The security industry has introduced a range of methods depending on big data to fight advanced cyber-attacks. Nils will talk about how large global datasets can fuel Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other complex algorithms to detect never-before-seen attacks against corporations and organization. One example is a big data engine that can detect more than 99% of malicious codes in encrypted network traffic, without decrypting the traffic.

With a background from several international System Integrators and vendors in addition to a long career in both large and small resellers in Norway, IT infrastructure and security has been a common theme throughout his career. From initially only working on creating solutions that gave the best availability, the field of work and the industry has changed to balance the availability of information and protect the same information from theft or accidental loss. This is a daily exciting knife-edge balancing act, but very necessary. Nils has security vendor background as Country Manager for Fortinet and Trend Micro before joining Cisco. 

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