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Carl-Gustav von Schimmelmann, EVP - Business Development

Data driven desicion making: Master data management, governance and security

Carl-Gustav Von Schimmelman is very committed to making computer-driven decisions quickly, safely and with the heart. Time will be used for what's important, and TimeXtender is known for its unique DNA and culture, based on mindfulness, calm and focus - "because time matters".

Carl-Gustav Von Schimmelmann is EVP within Business Development in TimeXtender, and has since 2005 helped to lead the building of a global network of more than 150 partners, 2700 customers in more than 75 countries. TimeXtender is the worlds’ leading provider of technology securing an agile and compliant data foundation for analytics.

When traveling the world, meeting many different types of organizations and solutions, he has helped spread the knowledge and methodology behind automation, the value of agility from doing Data Discovery as well as the benefits derived from a Discovery Hub®, rather than the more traditional approach to automation and structuring of data. Carl-Gustav therefore has a solid knowledge of the different software offerings available within Business Intelligence, as well as pro’s and con’s of the different types of architectures.

Carl-Gustav is very passionate about helping organizations make data driven decisions in a timely matter. Time needs to be spent on what is important, and TimeXtender is known for it’s unique DNA and culture, building on mindfulness and focus – “because time matters”.


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