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Dr. M. Naci Akkøk, Chief Architect, Oracle Nordics,

Big Data enabled AI/ML & trends - The New Data Science


Big Data enabled AI and ML: The New Data Science Neither AI nor Machine Learning are new, and we know that AI was put on ice for the last 20 years. So what made AI and ML so popular so suddenly? Big Data, of course. Well, that is a correct but inaccurate diagnosis. In this short intro, we are going to look briefly at what of Big Data technologies have helped AI/ML become the hero of the day. And from there, we will also look at what the current trends are in AI/ML technologies and applications, and what we can expect to see of AI/ML enabled applications in the near future. 

Dr. M. Naci Akkøk is a Oracle´s Chief Architect in the Nordic region. With his highly cross-disciplinary education (Electronics & Molecular Biology BSc., Statistics MS, Computer Science MS and PhD, as well as film/theater and design/drafting college education), he is best defined as "the very curious but friendly neighborhood nerd". He has 43 years of academic and professional experience in a combination of these disciplines, with emphasis on Computer Science, and has the lucky role of being an R&D bridge and evangelist for Oracle Norway in developing (and trendy) areas of Computer Science & IT. He also does large project designs for large or new accounts.



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