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Arnaud Le Breton , Co-Founder and CEO at visualiz

The convergence of IoT, Big Data, Digital Twins and Virtual Reality

Creating the Enterprise Metaverse Visualiz creates a communication platform for complex systems, data and ideas. Leveraging the convergence of IoT, Digital Twin and Virtual Reality, we provide simple, intuitive, yet powerful access to all of your data. It enables efficient re-use and optimal usage of companies existing investments made in 3D models, sensoring and big data systems, saving cost and solving other related use cases. This feels like a superpower: a situational awareness allowing you to take better informed decisions.

Arnaud is an “explorer ant” with a profound understanding of technology. With two masters degree in physics and material science and a penchant for disruptive innovation, Arnaud has an extensive experience of scalable systems, leading naturally towards big data and IoT with the aim of fully realizing their promises to real use cases by allowing to make better informed decisions



02.05.2018 - 11:05 108
Christian Nytvedt
Looking forward to this : )
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